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Listen to Audiobooks for Free Using Libby or Amazon

To listen to audiobooks for free using Libby or Amazon, you typically need a library card and access to their respective platforms. Here's how you can listen to audiobooks for free using Libby or Amazon:


Listening to Audiobooks with Libby:


1. Download Libby App:

   - First, download the Libby app on your smartphone or tablet from the App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play Store (for Android devices).


2. Sign In:

   - Open the Libby app and sign in using your library card information. If you haven't already signed up for Libby, you can find your local library and sign up for a library card through the app.


Libby accounts for the Shedd Free Library start with 4170 followed by your library card number.   You can receive your personal PIN # by contacting the library. 

3. Browse and Borrow:

   - Once signed in, you can browse the audiobook collection available at your local library.

   - When you find an audiobook you're interested in, you can borrow it with a tap. Borrowed audiobooks are automatically added to your shelf.


4. Listen to Audiobooks:

   - To listen to your borrowed audiobooks, go to your shelf in the Libby app.

   - Tap on the audiobook you want to listen to, and then tap "Listen" to start playback.

   - You can control playback speed, set bookmarks, and adjust other settings while listening to audiobooks.


5. Return Borrowed Audiobooks:

   - Audiobooks are automatically returned at the end of the lending period, so you don't have to worry about late fees.


Amazon Prime Reading:


If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you have access to Prime Reading, which includes a selection of free ebooks and audiobooks. Here's how to access free audiobooks through Prime Reading:


1. Visit the Prime Reading Page:

   - Go to the Prime Reading page on Amazon's website.


2. Browse Audiobook Selection:

   - Look for the audiobook titles available for free with Prime Reading. You can filter the selection by genre, author, or other categories.


3. Select and Borrow:

   - Once you find an audiobook you're interested in, click on it to view the details.

   - If it's available for free with Prime Reading, you should see an option to borrow it for free.


4. Access the Audiobook:

   - After borrowing the audiobook, you can access it through the Kindle app or compatible devices with the Kindle app installed.


Free Audiobooks in the Public Domain:


Amazon also offers a selection of classic books that are in the public domain and available for free. Many of these books have audiobook versions that you can access for free. Here's how to find them:


1. Search for Public Domain Audiobooks:

   - Use the search bar on Amazon's website or app to search for specific public domain audiobooks.

   - Include terms like "public domain audiobooks" or the title of the classic book you're looking for.


2. Filter by Format and Price:

   - After searching, use the filters on the left-hand side of the page to narrow down the results.

   - Look for options to filter by "Format" and select "Audiobook" to see audiobook versions.

   - You can also filter by price to show only free audiobooks.


3. Download or Stream:

   - Once you find a free public domain audiobook you're interested in, you can download it to your device or stream it directly from the Amazon website or app.

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